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  • 'Datenbankfehler' when changing 'Ausrüstungen'

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    Hello, I'd like to report an error.

    Under "Allgemeine Einstellungen" in the administration-environment when designing a Leitstelle, you can design your own "Eigene Ausrüstungen". When you have made an entry and saved, then later change the name of it, the editor gives the following error: "Ein Datenbankfehler ist aufgetreten". You cannot save the change of an existing "Ausrüstungen" entry.

    There is an easy work around: if you make a new "Ausrüstung" with the same slot-number and new (desired) name, and then remove the old entry, saving is no problem. It is simply the name-change that causes the error.
    Very minor problem, but wanted to report it nonetheless.

    Under the same "Ausrüstungen" list, Slot no. 1 does not function.

    Thank you very much for acceptance of this ticket report.




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